Orthotic Diabetic Footwear in Yarmouth, NS

Ossur Diabetic Rebound off-loader

Proper footwear is an important part of an overall treatment program for people with diabetes. Happy Feet Orthotics designs and manufactures diabetic footwear in Yarmouth, NS. If you have any evidence of neuropathy or lack of sensation, then wearing the right footwear is of utmost importance. By working with your physician and our certified pedorthist, you may be able to prevent serious diabetic foot complications.

A Specialist in Diabetic Orthotics

Relieve areas of excessive pressure with orthopedic shoes. Any area where there is excessive pressure on the foot can lead to skin problems or even ulcers. Diabetic footwear and orthotics relieve these high-pressure areas and reduce the occurrence of related problems. For a reduction in the overall amount of pressure to the foot and or feet, devices such as off-loaders can be used.

Accommodate, stabilize, and support deformities. We address deformities resulting from conditions such as loss of fatty tissue, hammer toes, and amputations. Many deformities need to be stabilized to relieve pain and avoid further destruction. In addition, some can be controlled or supported to decrease the progression of the condition.

Contact us if you have any questions about our diabetic footwear. We proudly serve clients throughout Yarmouth, NS, and from Digby to Bridgewater. We also do home visits at no extra charge.