Unloader CustomEase Your Pain with Custom Knee Bracing in Yarmouth, NS

Get the support you need if you’re dealing with knee problems. Happy Feet Orthotics is proud to announce an expansion of our services. At our orthotic center, we now offer custom knee bracing. In Yarmouth, NS, we fit our patients with the Unloader® custom brace if they have osteoarthritis, knee joint pain, or knee injuries

When knee pain is limiting your mobility, we encourage you to see your doctor, orthopedic, or rheumatologist to discuss if a custom-made knee brace would benefit you. Whether the issue relates to arthritis or some other condition, a knee brace can provide the relief and support you need.

Contact us to find out if a knee brace can help with your joint pain. We proudly serve clients throughout Yarmouth, NS, and from Digby to Bridgewater. We also do home visits at no extra charge.